Join this short lunchtime webinar to explore beyond the 'thinking brain', and dive into the subcortical realm that drives us - feelings, sensations and our need for safety.

Take a deep dive into feelings, sensations & the nervous system, to understand how awareness & connection can bring support, clarity & rest.

We all get caught up in our thoughts and the stories we tell ourselves.

And we are wired to detect threat.

This can make for a tricky combination when we are stressed!

New developments in neuroscience help us to better understand where we are in our nervous systems, so that we can build awareness and take steps to move back to feeling safe and at home in ourselves.

We’ve all used art, music or movement to express ourselves, connect with others, soothe a bad mood, a break up or as support us in challenging times. The processes of why and how are complex, but essentially engaging with art, music or movement helps us to connect with the parts of us that we know about AND the parts of us that are out of our conscious awareness.

Given that at least 80% of communication is nonverbal and a huge part of the brain is subcortical (below ‘thinking’) - it is little wonder there so much to be gained from exploring beyond thoughts, beyond words?

Story telling ... creating or listening to music... the act of drawing.... accentuating a certain movement or body shape .... these are ALL roads into what lies beneath our words.

What will I learn?

Facilitated by Minky van der Walt, Registered Music Therapist and mental health clinician with expertise in workplace wellbeing, chronic and post-traumatic stress, this webinar will explore:

  • the three key states of our nervous system
  • the importance of knowing where you are within this hierarchy
  • building awareness of the feelings and sensations in each state find ways to get back to a state of equilibrium
  • explore how music and arts practices can support awareness and presence and help you to step back into connection and ease with yourself and those around you.

Who is this for?

This webinar is for managers and business owners looking to support staff disability workers, healthcare workers, school leaders, teachers, educators and emergency service workers.

If you register for this webinar, a recording will be made available if you are unable to attend live.

There will be 15 minutes for Q&A at the end.

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