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What are the evidence-based treatment options for methamphetamine use disorder?

This Cracks in the Ice webinar will provide attendees with information about: Overview of the clinical challenges associated with methamphetamine use disorder (dependence)Psychosocial approaches for methamphetamine use disorderPharmacological treatments being investigatedThis information will be relevant to health workers. This webinar will be presented by Professor Richard Rawson. Professor Emeritus

Davos Lab: youth recovery plan

What enduring changes do young people between the ages of 20 and 30 foresee after the COVID-19 pandemic, and what would Millennials and Generation Z do differently if they were in charge? This question was posed at the launch of the Davos Lab initiative in January 2021 during the World

Changes to Youth Work Education in Australia - Aug 25, 2021 11AM - 12PM

AYAC, the federal peak body of young people and youth services, is hosting an online session to update the wider sector across Australia on these changes. Register here: Changes to Youth Work Education in Australia — Australian Youth Affairs CoalitionWe’re discussing changes happening

Reflection on Guy Standings The Precariat: The New Dangerous Class (pt 2)

This article will analyse the systemic and structural factors impacting the precariat and examine the policy and intervention that Guy Standing outlines in his popular works, The Precariat : The New Dangerous Class and A Precariat Charter : From denizens to citizens. The precariat consists of people that fair badly across seven

OK Boomer, a look at the media.

'OK Boomer' is a meme, a catchphrase with an unknown origin. It hit the internet largely in 2018-2019 with retorts on Twitter and Instagram to articles or commentary criticising Millennials and Gen Z.

Dual Diagnosis in Young People: Alcohol and Generalised Anxiety Disorder

An overview of working with young people with dual diagnosis alcohol and Generalised Anxiety Disorder. YouthAOD Toolbox | Evidence-informed practice in youth AOD workEvidence-informed practice in youth AOD workBlumenthal, H, Leen-Feldner, EW, Badour, CL & Babson, KA 2011, ‘Anxiety Psychopathology and Alcohol Use among Adolescents: A Critical Review of the Empirical

Reflection on Guy Standings The Precariat: The New Dangerous Class (pt 1)

60% of new jobs created in Australia are casual, according to new analysis. The figure calls into question the strength of Australia’s economic recovery.The job market is bouncing back at a surprising pace, but the economy isn’t necessarily creating the kind of work Australians need.Business Insider
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