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Unpacking complex trauma 21 July 2021

Complex trauma - the impact of early life, repeated trauma and loss often involving trusted relationships Youth Health Forums (YHFs) are stimulating, half-day forums that cover a wide range of adolescent health and wellbeing issues, appealing to health, education, community, welfare professionals and students. The Forum provides an opportunity for

Kids and Asthma - What You Need to Know FREE Webinar

Kids and Asthma - What you need to know FREE webinar If you are a parent of a child with asthma, come along to our free webinar series hosted by our Asthma Educators to learn how to help your child live freely with asthma. Each webinar will include time for

How to Get out of Your Head!

Join this short lunchtime webinar to explore beyond the 'thinking brain', and dive into the subcortical realm that drives us - feelings, sensations and our need for safety. Take a deep dive into feelings, sensations & the nervous system, to understand how awareness & connection can bring support, clarity &

Reflection on Guy Standings The Precariat: The New Dangerous Class (pt 2)

This article will analyse the systemic and structural factors impacting the precariat and examine the policy and intervention that Guy Standing outlines in his popular works, The Precariat : The New Dangerous Class and A Precariat Charter : From denizens to citizens. The precariat consists of people that fair badly across seven

OK Boomer, a look at the media.

'OK Boomer' is a meme, a catchphrase with an unknown origin. It hit the internet largely in 2018-2019 with retorts on Twitter and Instagram to articles or commentary criticising Millennials and Gen Z.

Factsheet - Burnie - Intellectual Disability

Our community is diverse, and one aspect of that community are those with an intellectual disability. This disability originates before the age of 18. This fact sheet is to give you some understanding of this diversity and some local resources.

Dual Diagnosis in Young People: Alcohol and Generalised Anxiety Disorder

An overview of working with young people with dual diagnosis alcohol and Generalised Anxiety Disorder. YouthAOD Toolbox | Evidence-informed practice in youth AOD workEvidence-informed practice in youth AOD workBlumenthal, H, Leen-Feldner, EW, Badour, CL & Babson, KA 2011, ‘Anxiety Psychopathology and Alcohol Use among Adolescents: A Critical Review of the Empirical
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