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Free Wellbeing Resources – ClickView

During tough times, it’s normal for people to feel more stressed or concerned about things than usual. As students and parents continue to endure home schooling, we want to empower you with resources to help prioritise their wellbeing. That’s why we’re offering a special collection of wellbeing

The School That Tried to End Racism

The School That Tried to End Racism explores a program designed to provide school children with the tools to identify racial bias and make positive change. Filmed in a NSW primary school, a team of inspirational educators, and leading expert Professor Fiona White, attempt to reverse the racial bias in

Risk Factors for Alcohol and Other Drug Use: Implications for Prevention - Generation Next

Generation Next is hosting a FREE online, on-demand session from the experts at Positive Choices: Risk factors for alcohol and other drug use: Implications for prevention. This session is recommended for anyone who supports young people and will be available now until August 31 2021. The presentation will discuss the

Wild Butterfly Screening IOAD 31st August 2021 - Devonport

31st August 2021 is International Overdose Awareness day. This day is an annual, global event about raising awareness on overdose - what it is, the signs of an overdose, and how to respond. It’s about educating people in order to reduce the stigma surrounding drug-related deaths. And it’s

2021 Inspiring Youth Awards

Youth, Family & Community Connections (YFCC) are pleased and excited to be opening nominations for the 2021 Inspiring Youth Awards on Wednesday July 28th. These awards present the opportunity for anyone who is part of the NW Tasmanian community to nominate a young person they believe deserves recognition. The categories

Drumming and Singing Workshops

Drumming and Singing Workshops for Students with Sage Drums Tasmania Drumming and singing are well known for their therapeutic influence. The drumming and singing workshops I offer are good for the mind and stress relief. DRUMMING IS A LOT OF FUN TOO! 90 Minute Workshops available for groups of up

Unpacking complex trauma 21 July 2021

Complex trauma - the impact of early life, repeated trauma and loss often involving trusted relationships Youth Health Forums (YHFs) are stimulating, half-day forums that cover a wide range of adolescent health and wellbeing issues, appealing to health, education, community, welfare professionals and students. The Forum provides an opportunity for
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