The School That Tried to End Racism explores a program designed to provide school children with the tools to identify racial bias and make positive change.

Filmed in a NSW primary school, a team of inspirational educators, and leading expert Professor Fiona White, attempt to reverse the racial bias in an ordinary multicultural class of 9 to 11-year-old students.

Over three weeks the students go through a series of entertaining and eye-opening activities in and out of class that challenges everything they thought they knew about race. Each activity is designed to get them thinking about stereotyping, prejudice and racism. During the program, the students learn the personal impact of racism and how it affects not only themselves but also their classmates.

Beyond the classroom the students meet Comedian Nazeem Hussain, Writer and ABC Sports Reporter Tony Armstrong, Olympian Bendere Oboya, Editor and Founder of Ascension Sasha Sarago, Associate Professor Anna Clark, and Uncle Michael Welsh and Uncle Richard Campbell, who share their experiences and knowledge to assist the students with their understanding of racism.