Youth, Family & Community Connections (YFCC) are pleased and excited to be opening nominations for the 2021 Inspiring Youth Awards on Wednesday July 28th.

These awards present the opportunity for anyone who is part of the NW Tasmanian community to nominate a young person they believe deserves recognition.

The categories are broad and aim to celebrate a diverse range of contributions by young people, not necessarily just the high academic or sporting achievers.

If you know someone aged 13 – 20 years who in some small way is making a positive contribution to our community, please help them feel appreciated and valued by nominating them in one of five categories and giving them a chance to win $300!

You can find more information and the nomination form over at YFCC:

Inspiring Youth Awards
In 2020 YFCC are launching a new event that will celebrate the contributions of young people to our community. The Inspiring Youth Awards aim to highlight the positive, everyday actions that so many of our young people undertake, but often don’t get recognition for or even noticed.