Burnie Works are doing a call out to service providers and educators working with youth aged 15 - 25 to encourage a new wave of Youth Making Change Around Burnie YMCAB.  Burnie Works are interested in reaching a diverse cohort - year 9/10/11/12, those part of post school training and study, workers, and non-workers, outliers, the minority groups; the voices that might traditionally sit on the fringe.  How might we hear from those accessing services and programs and at risk of disengagement?  Support workers/ staff are welcome to attend too.

Can services please share this with the young people in your life?  Let Lucy Taylor know if you would like to discuss further.  Please follow them on Facebook for updates. https://www.facebook.com/YMCABurnie and nomination forms are also available here.

Youth Voice – Burnie Works


YMCAB will kick off with a day of learning and action with interested young people on February 1st, 2022.  This activity will be provided by JCP Youth in partnership with Burnie Works and the Burnie Youth Council.   Burnie Works will contact YMCAB members to arrange finer details.

The groups first action will be to help inform a 2022 music event program for Burnie Youth with support from YFCC. Additional group meetings and action will centre around the group’s drive and external learning and resourcing opportunities.  Topics like digital storytelling, environmental action, social impact (local context) and wellbeing are being explored with resourcing and stakeholders.

This group has the potential to become a positive peer network, a driver of change and action for youth, a reference group for local organisations and government. It will not be fixed in nature and facilitation will include reflective learning opportunities.